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Accreditation through The North American Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries is strictly a Religious Accreditation. This Accreditation is Non-Academic and is not recognized by the US Department of Education. Religious Accreditation is based upon religious and Spiritual merit and standing not Academic ones.

Lion of Judah University exists for the personal and religious edification of members of and visitors to Spirit Fire Ministries. Unless otherwise noted, Certificates and Degrees are awarded in meritorious recognition of the completion of a prescribed course of studies on the religious beliefs and practices of  Spirit Fire Ministries. The lessons and courses offered by this school are strictly for the personal and religious edification of those studying the lessons and are not intended to represent any sort of formal Academic or secular or recognized instruction or training in any field.
All person's who visit this website and or request the Awarding of a Religious Degree from this school does Herby understand and willingly agree that all Degrees awarded by Lion of Judah University are non- Academic and do not accrue any college credits and can not be transferred to any other non affiliate school and or Institution. All Degree recipient(s) are solely responsible for the correct and honest representation of All Religious Degrees Awarded to them by this school.